Welcome to the web site of the New Zealand Wine Business Symposium.
The Symposium is convened by the Eastern Institute of Technology
(EIT) Hawke's Bay. The Symposium is designed to be a biennial event.

The June 2010 symposium MARKET TO MARKET was held at EIT Hawke's Bay.

CD of Proceedings
post-symposium $20 or Printed Proceedings pre-symposium $30 can be purchased from: Oncall Conference Management :
oncall@clear.net.nz : Ph/Fax (06) 844 9956

"World class."
- Phil Reedman MW, Adelaide, Australia

"Great data on USA and China."
- John Hancock, Trinity Hill, Hawke's Bay

"Information was meaningful, relevant and topical."
- Tania Fulcher, Matariki Wines, Hawke's Bay

"Great insights on the New Zealand Industry."
- Dr Isabelle Lesschaeve, Ontario, Canada

"It was a privilege to be inspired by such high calibre speakers."
- Magdalena Vandenburg, Elephant Hill, Hawke's Bay

For further information, contact:
Diane Marshall
EIT Hawke's Bay, Private Bag 1201, Taradale, NAPIER
Ph/Fax: (06) 974 8000, dmarshall@eit.ac.nz